006: Demons (1985)

Just when we thought it was safe to go back to the theaters, Lamberto Bava’s DEMONS reminds us how dangerous cursed movies can be!  Watch Out for that Helicopter!  And those exploding boils!  Does Demons deliver?  Tune in to find out!

Plus, Jason the Terrible finally ends his obsessive viewing of the After Dark Horrorfest III dvd set!

Graverobber Geoff unearths an indy gem starring Lin Shaye!

Slicin’ Dicin’ Dave reviews an appearance of Robert Englund’s naked butt!

(0:10:40) Jason the Terrible’s DVD Dungeon


(0:19:10) Slicin’ Dicin’ Dave’s Streaming Scream-Sack of Nightmares


(0:26:12) Graverobber Geoff’s Fresh Dig

DEAD END (2003)

(0:33:30) Feature Review

DEMONS (1985)

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