008: A Quiet Place (2018)

Imagine a world where monsters come and eat you if you play your podcasts too loud!  We review John Krasinski’s tense and moody first feature, A QUIET PLACE (2018).  It’s one part creature feature and two parts family drama; did this movie whisper sweet nothing’s into our ears?  Tune in to find out!

We also revisit Jeffrey Comb’s return to a beloved role, tackle murderous reflections, and witness the craziest/most disturbing monster origin story ever!  All that, and the male genitalia mutilation counter gets updated!

Trigger warning: One of these movies involves an abortion gone horribly wrong.

(0:06:36) Jason the Terrible’s DVD Dungeon


(0:15:12) Slicin’ Dicin’ Dave’s Streaming Scream-Sack of Nightmares


(0:23:02) Graverobber Geoff’s Fresh Dig

LOOK AWAY (2018)

(0:28:03) Feature Review


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