037: Halloween Mini-Franchise Review featuring Halloween H20 (1998)

This year we celebrate Halloween with a mini Halloween franchise review!  In this episode we feature Halloween H20, Jamie Lee Curtis’ love letter to the Halloween fans that helped launch her career.  She signed on to the film to explore explore Laurie Strode’s life 20 years after that fateful Halloween night, and she wanted Laurie to experience some closure.  Though it may not have turned out exactly as originally planned, we all ended up with a pretty enjoyable movie, even taking into account the healthy dose of studio interference, four different Michael masks, and a Dawson’s Creek-esque sub-plot.

In our mini reviews, when tasked with picking Halloween-themed movies, we all picked movies from the Halloween franchise, and thus the mini-franchise review was born!  Jason takes us all the way back to explore “More of the night he came home” in Halloween 2, Geoff checks out Rob Zombie’s Halloween, and Dave catches up with Halloween Kills.  We managed to touch on most of the major timelines in this often confusing franchise, and even though we didn’t get to them all, we still had a great time discussing all the different takes on these iconic characters.  

(0:15:35) Jason the Terrible’s DVD Dungeon


(0:24:49) Graverobber Geoff’s Fresh Dig

Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN (2007)

(0:35:22) Slicin’ Dicin’ Dave’s Streaming Scream-Sack of Nightmares


(0:41:01) Feature Review

HALLOWEEN H20 (1998)

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