044: Near Dark (1987) and Movies for Horror Newbies

In this episode we join Bill Paxton’s posse of vagabond vampires in the gritty horror western Near Dark, directed by Kathryn Bigelow and also starring Lance Henriksen and Adrian Pasdar.  Suggested by Mr. K, this was a movie that none of us had previously seen, so it was a lot of fun to finally experience it.  The storyline matches very closely to another 1987 vampire movie (that we might also talk about during this episode, in fact!) but it’s done in a very different way.  It’s much more mean spirited and probably more real as a result, but will it draw you in and scare you?

For our mini review theme we answered the question ‘What horror movie would you recommend for or watch with someone who is not a horror fan?’  We ended up with some wildly different ideas that were each solid options.  Jason went the hunky vampire with a dose of humour route and talked about The Lost Boys, one of the first horror movies he ever saw.  Dave professed his love for Little Shop of Horrors and the singing talents of Rick Moranis and Steve Martin.  And Geoff rolled the dice on a movie he hadn’t seen yet, the Oscar buzzed and critically acclaimed Get Out, from Jordan Peele.  Let us know what movies you would recommend!

And finally, don’t forget to tune in after the show for the very non-horror-related Top 5 list of our favorite 1980’s and 1990’s Sitcoms!

(0:10:03) Slicin’ Dicin’ Dave’s Streaming Scream-Sack of Nightmares


(0:23:59) Jason the Terrible’s DVD Dungeon


(0:34:01) Graverobber Geoff’s Fresh Dig

GET OUT (2017)

(0:42:55) Feature Review

NEAR DARK (1987)

(1:23:17) TOP 5 1980’s and 1990’s SITCOMS

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