049: Skinkamarink (2022) and Scientific Horror

Skinamarink! Just the sound of the word can cause you to wake in terror and stare at your walls for hours and hours. And that’s just the Sharon, Lois and Bram song! Made for $15,000 in the hinterland of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and starring an Oilers jersey and a few people that you never see, Skinamarink is an experimental film that tries to immerse you in the dark so that it can recall your middle-of-the-night childhood nightmares. We made it through, but is this movie good for you? Tune in to find out.

But first, in our mini review segments we put on our lab coats and hypothesize some Scientific Horror! Jason reuses the sets from his previous segments to review Roger Corman’s Forbidden World, Dave gets a job as a Lawnmower Man, and Geoff steals the show by picking some Thing! Monkeys, mutating aliens, 90’s CGI and naked spa breaks await you!

And finally, after the credits, we reveal our Top 5 Corner Store Candies!

(0:05:23) Slicin’ Dicin’ Dave’s Streaming Scream-Sack of Nightmares


(0:15:45) Graverobber Geoff’s Fresh Dig

THE THING (1982)

(0:24:11) Jason the Terrible’s DVD Dungeon


(0:33:35) Feature Review


(1:10:49) Top 5 List – CORNER STORE CANDIES

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